1. Why aren't my exported SAS files opening?
    If you are getting an error message in SAS: No DATALINES or INFILE statement, please manually add the 'libname' and 'infile' statements to all SAS loading scripts. And also avoid special characters when name the reports.

  2. I am at CHLA and I keep getting logged out of REDCap
    Some users accessing REDCap from the CHLA network have reported issues of them getting logged out often. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact the CHLA Service Desk and request the Brave web browser.

  3. What are the security features of MyCap
    • Participant data is stored locally on the device in an AES-256+SHA2 encrypted database. Data remains on the device if an internet connection is not available. Applies to both iOS and Android devices.
    • When an internet connection is available, data is transmitted directly to REDCap using a SSL (TLS v1.2) connection. A hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) is used to verify the integrity of the data and to authenticate the sender.
    • Participant entered data (i.e. task responses) are not stored or sent anywhere else. Data exists on the participant's device or on your server.
    • Data is wiped from the device after the MyCap app verifies that data has been successfully transmitted. Note that there is an optional MyCap feature that lets a participant see some of the data s/he has entered for an individual task/instrument/survey. By default, data is wiped.
    • Participants create a 6-digit PIN that is used to open the app. A participant can disable the PIN feature
    • Also see the security and architecture document.

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