What: We’re looking for infant participants for a research study.

Who: Infants (less than 9 months of age) with and without first (i.e. a parent or sibling) and second degree relatives (i.e. a aunt/uncle, a grandparent, or half-sibling) diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Where: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – Infant Neuromotor Control Lab, 90027

Purpose: To gain a better understanding of infant learning and motor development.

Procedures: We will measure your infant’s weight, length and motor milestone development. We will place small movement sensors on your infant’s arms and legs. The robot will respond every time the infant moves his or her leg in a certain way. We will determine whether or not infants are able to learn from this task and how. While your child observes our robot talking and moving, their behavior will be video recorded for research. This will take less than an hour.

You will receive:
- Study compensation
- Free parking or Valet parking in the hospital
- Your infant’s weight, length and motor milestone development measurements
- Photos to remember the experience

For relevant videos and publications for this study, please check out this link: https://uscinteractionlab.web.app/project/babies

For questions, please contact Marcelo Rosales at email: mrrosale@usc.edu

IRB#HS-14-00911, PI: Beth Smith

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