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The medical evaluation associated with the Animal Exposure Risk Assessment questionnaire is intended as a benefit for USC personnel involved in the care and use of laboratory animals or for those who have potential exposure to laboratory animals. This program is designed to meet regulatory requirements for USC to provide a safe and healthy workplace for the Trojan community.

One requirement of the program is that the medical information you provide must be confidential between you and the healthcare provider, therefore, the Occupational Medical Program through EH&S is utilizing the HIPAA compliant software program RedCap to conduct this questionnaire. The risk assessments will be reviewed by our healthcare provider only. The physician may contact you privately if there is any serious health issues associated with your exposure to laboratory animals.

Your supervisor and EH&S will work with you to develop appropriate protective measures if restrictions are recommended based on this assessment. You are required to complete this form once every three years, you will have the opportunity of opting-in or -out of the medical evaluation portion at the bottom of the first page of the questionnaire.

You are encouraged to request additional evaluation or consultation if you experience significant changes in assigned job tasks, symptoms, or health status (e.g., pregnancy)

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