Background: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality, afflicting all ages, socioeconomic classes and racial backgrounds. TBI is also one of the most common admitting diagnosis to a neuroscience intensive care unit (ICU). Despite having shared pathophysiology and diagnostic and management principles with other acute neurological disorders, the neurointensivist’s role in the management of TBI has not been clearly established.

Survey Purpose: The purpose of this descriptive study is to characterize the current role of the neurocritical care physician in the management and system’s based practice of acute TBI.

Importance: Highlighting the potential heterogeneity of practice among neurointensivists in their role in managing TBI will identify potential areas of improvement. Opportunities for standardizing care, quality improvement, and research within TBI may benefit from a more defined role for neurocritical care physicians.

Audience: Physicians in professional practice who evaluate and treat adult patients in an ICU setting

Expected Time to complete survey: 5 minutes

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